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Fizzy & Suds

A Tilt Media production

26 x 11 MINUTES | 2024

Fizzy and Suds is a pre-school factual and animation series inspired by young children’s ‘extreme intense interests’. The show features two animated bubbles Fizzy and Suds who love to explore the real world from a young child’s perspective. 


Each episode, Fizzy and Suds guide young viewers through 26 different topics of interest via a mix of 3D-animation and observational documentary techniques. Drawn from research about young children’s extreme interests in specific subjects, the series is designed to cater to all children, including those who are neurodiverse.

The series has been produced by the team at Tilt Media for ABC Kids, and Genevieve was thrilled to come onboard as Series Writer and Director and Henry as Producer of the Thought Bubbles.


Fizzy and Suds is the first children's TV production to be certified Inclusively Made!

Thank you

Special thanks to the wonderful Libby, Mary-Ellen, Amanda and Megan at ABC Kids for championing this beautiful show and the incredible cast and crew who have poured so much that you can't help but to feel on the screen!

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