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Stories have the power to impact the world to become more inclusive

People living with disability make up 20% of the global population.
Yet we are a long way from seeing this diversity reflected in film, television and online.

That’s why in partnership with our sister company, Bus Stop Films, we are proud to have launched Inclusively Made to create employment opportunities for people living with disability who are passionate about kick-starting their career in the film industry both in front and behind the camera.

“It's imperative that we use powerful stories to challenge common misconceptions about people with disability.”

Graeme Innes AM

Past Disability Discrimination Commissioner 

Taste Creative high quality film production inclusive film filmmaking

Why be inclusive?

We believe the world should be inclusive of all. That’s why we have built our foundations on telling world-class stories that authentically and inclusively reflect the people of the world. We understand the creative industry, particularly the screen industry, offers a platform to redefine the perception of people living with disability.


We work collaboratively with people with lived experience of disability to create award-winning films. For over 10 years we have been training and employing people living with a disability on our productions in all professional roles including writers, directors, camera department, editors and talent.

The vision is to lead by example with a standard of storytelling that empowers people around the world to tell stories that accurately represent society, by addressing the underutilisation and authentic representation of people with disability in the Australian screen industry.


The goal is to shape a world where the stories that are told are truly reflective of all people in society.


Stories really do have the power to impact the world and make it more inclusive.

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